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Thermowells/Pockets & Probes


Thermowells or pockets are used to provide an isolation between a temperature sensor and the measurement environment e.g. oil filled transformer. A thermowell/pocket allows the temperature sensor to be removed and replaced easily.

They may also be used to provide good thermal transfer between a calibrated heating source and the sensor probe e.g. a dry block calibrator.

Accurate Controls manufacturers both types of thermowell/pocket:

Pockets Accurate

for our mechanical instrument to allow the mechanical sensing bulb to measure the transformer top oil temperature


for our Dry Block Calibrator (A910)


Accurate Controls can supply a wide range of Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD) sensors to suit many applications. Our standard probe is a 3 wire, Class B, PT100 (100 ohms at 0 deg C) RTD and available in several lengths.


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