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Recovery & Recycling of Mercury Systems

Recovery of Mercury

There are many electricity generation or distribution sub-station sites that have transformer temperature monitoring instruments using a mercury filled bulb sensing system. These can be problematic when it comes to replace these types of instruments.

Accurate Controls can arrange to visit the site and carry out a survey. We can determine if the system is a mercury filled one and advise on the best course of action to safely evacuate and isolate the systems.

We can also advise if it will be necessary to dispose of any mercury tilt switches that are fitted.

Accurate Controls is fully equipped with mercury vapour rated respirators and specialist mercury spill kits which are used to carry out such operations.

Recycling of Mercury

We provide UN approved sealed container/s into which we place all items contaminated or filled with mercury that will be removed from site.

A registered mercury recycling contractor is then arranged to come to site and picked up the sealed container/s. These are then taken to their facilities for safe extraction and recycling of the mercury.

All necessary hazardous waste transfer documentation will be provided. On request, we can also provide a full audit trail for all materials collected and recycled which will satisfy the requirements under ISO9000 and ISO14000.

Old mercury instruments

Example of old mercury filled instruments
Recycling barrel
Typical sealable container for mercury contaminated items