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A131 Mercury Switch Instrument
  • Configured as an Oil Temperature Indicator (OTI) or Winding Temperature Indicator ( WTI) for simulation of transformer "Hot Spot" temperature.
  • ONAN/OFAF Dual gradient option.
  • Self contained system
  • Fully compensated for ambient temperature
  • High current switching (15 Amps max.)
  • Maximum number of control switches "4"
  • Extra long capillary - up to 60 metres
  • Weatherproof case to IP55 (Higher specification versions available)
  • Maximum Pointer
  • Optional selectable analogue output
  • Optional Switch Test Knob
  • Choice of scale options
  • Stainless Steel Case option for harsher environments
  • Full Installation and Maintenance Instructions supplied

Spares and Options:

Remote indication kit

Hot spot simulator

Anti-vibration mounts

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